Busker’s journal, part 1: Why?

September 18, 2012

What would make you want to play in the subway? A lot of my musician friends can’t fathom why someone would expose themselves to the random reactions and famous indifference of New Yorkers. The long and venerable tradition of music in public spaces may get more respect in Europe than in the States, where it can seem a bit disreputable, even desperate, as if you were begging for money. So why do it? My best explanation might be that it’s musical weightlifting. You get instantaneous feedback from passers-by (no response is also a form of feedback) When a song attracts someone’s attention for more than a few seconds, you’ve learned something about how your music can reach another person. There are endless things to learn practicing alone in your room, but in order to learn to connect with an audience, musicians need to play for other people like flowers need sunlight to grow. And the greatest advantage is that you don’t have to hustle, and you don’t have to wait for the phone to ring. You’ve got the gig.


How To Get Around A Guitar

July 17, 2012

This class is for absolute beginners and guitar owners! We will learn how to find notes, play them cleanly, and by the end of class to play 2 easy chords andĀ change themĀ in rhythm, which is the key to beginning guitar. The class will be held at the Drawing Room, 70 Willoughby Street #2A, Brooklyn NY. I will set a date as soon as 5 people add my class to their watch list. Sign up at www.skillshare.com.